Teaching in the Field

Stanford student in field catching bugs in a net. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford VPTL.
Aug 25, 2015
These students learn much more than biology and geology: they do science in the field and become science teachers themselves.
Students at Wrigley hiking through forest. From video by Bjorn Carey.
Nov 6, 2014
Where collecting data and testing hypotheses mean hiking for hours over lava flows and through forests: this is the Wrigley Field Program.
The Oracle Team America yacht in the SF Bay during the 2013 America's Cup. Photo by Tom Ehman.
Sep 2, 2014
This team of engineering faculty led a small group of rising sophomores to explore the engineering of sailing, taking advantage of the 2013 America's Cup in San Francisco.
African-American woman student with bucket and gardening gloves smiles delightedly standing in front of a sky-blue portable building and small patch of grass
Sep 16, 2013
How students and communities both benefit from service learning.
A view of the Hobbit Hole (photo courtesy of Zach Brown)
Jun 12, 2013
The Hobbit Hole is, as Zach Brown, a PhD student in Environmental Earth System Science, would say, a very special place.
Oct 31, 2012
Critical thinking skills, problem solving ability, effective communication, passion for a subject, leadership skills: Mentoring outside the class room provides unique opportunities to address these learning goals.  I present some thoughts on what
Nov 20, 2008
Harvard's Professor Louis Agassiz suggested: "If you only study nature in books, when you go out of doors you cannot find her." Stanford University is offereing 700 students a year the chance to integrate design thinking and prototype creation.  T
Apr 24, 2008
Teaching requires taking risks.  Prof.
Mar 6, 2008
As our teaching seeks more and more to prepare students for global citizenship, the role of field experiences and the benefits of the field for undergraduate and graduate students take on increased prominence. I share my practical experiences.
Oct 31, 2007
Teaching and learning are multidimensional processes, only some of which occur in the classroom or even in connection with actual courses.  Many of the most treasured aspects of undergraduate education derive from other types of learning experienc


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