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Goal is to help students become effective peer tutors for course material already mastered by articulating aims; developing practical tutoring skills including strategies for drop-in sessions; observing experienced tutors; discussing reading assi
The final option available to you if you cannot film your video with our videographer is to provide us with a representative image to accompany your course description.  We will insert it in the spot usually occupied by the embedded video.
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Overview:  In this activity, student groups experiment with different rhetorical appeals and strategies of argumentation (assigned randomly) to write a fake letter to a specific audience.
Learn more about how to create a grading plan, communicate clearly about grading procedures, and respond to grade challenges.
Designing your course schedule is about more than simply lining up dates and deadlines.  It's a complicated process of considering the arc of the quarter, the way each assignment builds on the next, and the ways in which we c
The fast pace of the quarter offers little time to go over issues in depth or to talk about an individual student’s work.  While our conference schedule provides us with structured, individual time with our students, office hours c
Documentation for Stanford Courses Module is on your site at: admin/help/stanford_courses
These resources are for Stanford graduate student Mentors in Teaching (MinT) and Consultants.


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