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two students talking to each other from John Peterson's 2015 PWR class
Overview:  This multiple-step activity helps student develop ethical best practices for interviewing that they can use for their own research projects. Author: Emily Polk
student speaking from Maxe Crandall's spring 2016 class
Overview: This icebreaker activity can be used either in PWR 1 or PWR 2 to help students get to know their classmates and also start to understand how shifting audiences influence communication.
Activity Name:  Jumbo “Spectra” Worksheets For (1) Narrowing Topics & (2) Locating Positions *Spectra Worksheet adapted from an exercise by Marvin Diogenes Class: PWR 1 & PWR 2
question marks
Overview: Through this activities, students examine what constitutes a strong research question and then, through peer workshopping, start to develop a question to guide their own project.
graduation caps in the air from - listed through Google search as available for noncommerical use
Overview: Originally designed as the final reflection assignment for PWR 2, this speaking activity provides an effective capstone to students' work by asking them to analyze and then deliver graduation speeches that reflect o
students working in a group
Overview: This activity prepares students for the Texts in Conversation assignment by inviting them to practice critical reading, summary skills, and rhetorical strategies through creating summaries of an academic article for


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