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twitter birds
Overview: This invention activity uses social media format to help students begin to put different sources in conversation as a prelude to drafting their TiC essay. Author:  Mary Stroud
eyes with subhead "psychic distance"
Overview: This activity introduces students to the narrative concept of psychic distance and gives them a sense for how to use it rhetorically to improve their writing or their multimodal compositions.
elevator icon from
Overview: This speaking activity encourages students to focus their argument by asking them to construct a pithy, brief "pitch" that they iteratively revise after delivering.
students writing from John Peterson's 2014 PWR class
Overview:  This activity helps students experiment with ways they can use storytelling processes to help enrich academic writing. Author: Kim Savelson
card catalogue
Overview: In this activity, students compare search results for topic searches in Google, a database, and Searchworks to better understand the different search mechanisms available to them in their research.
students clapping from Kathleen Tarr's fall 2014 PWR 2 class
Overview: This impromptu speaking activity asks students to translate the issue from a New York Times article into an engaging 2-3 minute presentation.   Author: Chris Kamrath  
Student speaking from Erik Ellis's class
Overview: This non-graded presentation activity helps students prep for their proposal presentations by asking them to take a stand on a topic.
empty boxes from an idea map
Overview: This invention activity asks students to visually map the connections and conversations between their sources as a way of preparing them to write their Texts in Conversation essay.
Optical Collimating Lens by Rjcflyer - (RCarboni)
Overview: This topic helps students narrow and focus their research topics by having them consider them in reference to the idea of the metonym.
student looking at computer screen
Overview: This activity helps students prepare for the Texts in Conversation by writing a fake TiC through a combination of individual and group work.  


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