Activity Showcase

A white whale swims through the ocean.
Nov 19, 2018
Overview: This activity has two main goals.
A field of green grass with a chalk white line drawn in the middle.
Sep 7, 2018
Overview: This activity is a modified version of commonly-used “Crossing the Line” or “Beyond the Line” activity you may have previously experienced, notably in that it is rooted in the specific reading/listening assignment.
Mar 2, 2018
Building on PWR’s exploration of cultural rhetorics during September Sessions, Program Meetings, and guest lectures this year, the Teaching and Tutoring Practices Committee is happy to showcase four teaching activities that provide ideas for how t
Jan 10, 2018
Overview: Students read Russell Baker’s two-page parody of “Little Red Riding Hood” and analyze his argument and rhetorical strategies.
Stanford University campus from above
Sep 5, 2017
Overview: This activity invites students to close read a space on campus by identifying the space's audience and purpose and determining which parts of the space are private/public and welcoming/unwelcoming to visitors.
Mar 11, 2017
Overview: Adapted from PWR 2's former final reflection assignment, this activity asks students to reflect on the activities they've completed for the class and align them with the course goals by creating a short oral pitch w
Trail of papers
Jan 30, 2017
Overview: This set of activities encourages students to understand how they can use sources to read their way into an ongoing scholarly or public conversation by working closely with citations, Google Scholar, and library wor
Nov 23, 2016
Overview: In the first week of class, students will brainstorm what they want a final project or essay to accomplish by the end of the quarter.  
Nov 23, 2016
Overview: This in-class exercise helps students to assess and identify different types of sources. It focuses considerable attention on visual signifiers that differentiate different types of sources.


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