Week 5

May 17, 2019
Overview: This activity introduces the concept of mining reading, a way of reading for research that asks students to mine texts for ideas and extensions for a research project.
The musician, Weird Al, plays an accordion on stage.
Jul 17, 2018
Overview: As a way of giving students practice in developing productive research questions along with enhancing their understanding of how research questions guide the initial research process, this activity directs students
people brainstorming together
Oct 21, 2017
Overview:  This collaborative activity invites students to help their classmates to narrow and focus their research topics by taking turns contributing to a shared worksheet that asks them to engage with the topic in differen
question marks
Overview: Through this activities, students examine what constitutes a strong research question and then, through peer workshopping, start to develop a question to guide their own project.
two students talking to each other from John Peterson's 2015 PWR class
Overview:  This multiple-step activity helps student develop ethical best practices for interviewing that they can use for their own research projects. Author: Emily Polk
empty boxes from an idea map
Overview: This invention activity asks students to visually map the connections and conversations between their sources as a way of preparing them to write their Texts in Conversation essay.
students writing from John Peterson's 2014 PWR class
Overview:  This activity helps students experiment with ways they can use storytelling processes to help enrich academic writing. Author: Kim Savelson
Activity Name:  Jumbo “Spectra” Worksheets For (1) Narrowing Topics & (2) Locating Positions *Spectra Worksheet adapted from an exercise by Marvin Diogenes Class: PWR 1 & PWR 2
student looking at computer screen
Overview: This activity helps students prepare for the Texts in Conversation by writing a fake TiC through a combination of individual and group work.  
twitter birds
Overview: This invention activity uses social media format to help students begin to put different sources in conversation as a prelude to drafting their TiC essay. Author:  Mary Stroud


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