Week 8

May 17, 2019
Overview: This activity introduces the concept of mining reading, a way of reading for research that asks students to mine texts for ideas and extensions for a research project.
Railroad Tracks
Oct 28, 2016
Overview: This assignment invites students to choose the genre and the mode in which they’d like to communicate the argument made in their Research-Based Argument from PWR 2.
student on whiteboard from Jenne Stonakers class
Overview: Through creative use of the whiteboard, this activity challenges students to think creatively about their developing research arguments to re-assess what they truly wanted to argue in their upcoming RBA.
powerpoint screen
Overview: Through close analysis of a TED talk, this activity encourages students to consider how to design a presentation with purpose (telos) in mind. Author: Kathleen Tarr
typing hands
Overview: This activity uses freewriting and storytelling practice to help students better engage with multiple perspectives on an issue. Author: Erik Ellis
students clapping from Kathleen Tarr's fall 2014 PWR 2 class
Overview: This impromptu speaking activity asks students to translate the issue from a New York Times article into an engaging 2-3 minute presentation.   Author: Chris Kamrath  
Students working on computers. Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0.
Overview:  This variation of thesis-speed-dating asks students to peer edit topic sentences in a round-robin style, helping them better understand the structure and function of effective topic sentences.
[Activity by Kiersten Jakobsen; originally published winter 2015] Activity name:  Is your opening line “In a world...”? Class:  PWR1
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