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Higher Education Careers on the "AltAc" Track

Many Ph.D. recipients use their doctoral degrees to find exciting work in an area known as AltAc—alternative, non-faculty careers in higher education. Over the course of five panels this past winter, Ph.D. students heard from several who work at Stanford.

Digital Learning in the Humanities, at Stanford and Beyond

Stanford’s Vice Provost for Online Learning provides generous support for faculty and staff wishing to develop new digital learning projects for their courses. On May 27, five Stanford instructors gathered to share their own exciting work in this growing field.

Taking the Initiative: Stanford Grad Students Gain Valuable Teaching Skills

With the academic job market getting tougher each year, strong teaching skills are becoming more and more important for Ph.D.s. At Stanford, grad students are capitalizing on key teaching opportunities.

Staring at a Blank Screen: How to “Write Before You’re Ready”

Go ahead and start writing that paper—or personal statement, or dissertation chapter—even if you don’t yet know how you’ll finish it. This unexpected advice can help students and teachers alike combat early-stage writer’s block.