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Preview: September Sessions 2018

The mornings are getting a bit cooler, the evenings seem a bit shorter, and small clusters of rising sophomores participating in Sophomore College can be found around Coupa and Meyer Green … that means that it’s that time of year again: time for PWR’s September Sessions!

Next Thursday, September 13, we launch into our annual four days of intense collaboration, conversation, intellectual inquiry, and occasional conviviality as we come together as a program to lay both the scholarly and pedagogical foundation for our work this year. 

Library Game

Overview: This activity is an in-depth modification of a traditional scavenger hunt, targeting learning outcomes and research practices that students will transfer forward directly to their research project for their class.  The set-up time for a game of this sort, especially the first time through, is significant, but the pay-off for students makes it worth it.

Activity title: Library Game

Author: Christine Alfano

Course: PWR 1

Collaborative invention: working with research topics

Overview:  This collaborative activity invites students to help their classmates to narrow and focus their research topics by taking turns contributing to a shared worksheet that asks them to engage with the topic in different ways.  

Activity title: Research Topics: Invention through Collaboration

Author: Christine Alfano

Cultural Rhetorics in Theory & Practice - Readings for September Sessions 2017

This year's September Sessions theme, "Cultural Rhetorics," will open up questions from rhetoric in the field that our program will likely interrogate all year long. For this issue of "Rhetoric in the Field," we'll share the core readings from September Sessions that will frame our program's understanding of what cultural rhetoric is and how it impacts our classroom practice. 

Readings for the 2016 PWR September Sessions

This issue's Rhetoric of the Field is devoted to the different readings that our Septembrist Committee has chosen to inform our work together during our professional development meetings in the week of September 12th.  From issues of transfer, to multimodality, space and pedagogy, and empathy, this selection of texts touch on many of the issues and questions of importance to writing and rhetoric studies today.

Lecturer News: Comings and Goings

As the new academic year approaches, it's time to reflect on who's coming, who's going, and who's taking on new roles and responsibilites at Stanford.

Who's coming: Instructors

We're please to welcome a cohort of 10 new fellows and 3 new lecturers to PWR, all of whom spent August in Pedagogy sessions. 

New fellows (all recent PhDs from Stanford)