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Student Spotlight: November 2018

For this issue, PWR had the opportunity to interview our very own student assistant, Khuyen Le.  You might have seen Khuyen around the third floor, working near Jenae's cube or organizing the PWR library, or perhaps she's contacted you to take photographs of your class.  Below you can find out a little bit more about her and what makes her such a great member of the PWR team.

Conclusions Workshop or Effective Conclusions: The White Whale!

Overview: This activity has two main goals. The first is to situate conclusions as much more than afterthoughts in the writing process; it aims to cultivate rhetorical awareness of the moves that scholars tend to make, encouraging students to reflect on the capacities of a concluding space across the different modes and disciplines with which they are engaged.

Instructor News: September 2018

Our instructors kept themselves busy during the summer months. Below we capture just a snapshot of how some instructors kept themselves busy this summer -- on top of the important work of prepping for fall, working on their intellectual projects, and, of course, caring for/supporting their families.

Crossing the Line, Revisited

Overview: This activity is a modified version of commonly-used “Crossing the Line” or “Beyond the Line” activity you may have previously experienced, notably in that it is rooted in the specific reading/listening assignment. In short, the exercise is about respectful discussion through difference and cultivating flexibility of mind: being willing to listen to the arguments of others and potentially be persuaded to consider that other perspective, even if you do not change your own.

Activity title: Crossing the Line, Revisited

Accordion Prewrite

Overview: As a way of giving students practice in developing productive research questions along with enhancing their understanding of how research questions guide the initial research process, this activity directs students to craft a range of questions about their topic. The creative/improvisational element of the activity encourages students to craft questions across a spectrum ranging from extremely narrow to extremely board, with the aim of developing a sense of the kind of question appropriate for the RBA assignment.

Fall 2018: Comings and Goings

Who's Coming: Fellows

[pictured in photo, from left to right: Amanda Frye, Eldon Pei, Hayden Kantor, Lily Lamboy, Renren Yang, Yanshuo Zhang, Andy Hammann, Gigi Otálvaro]
We're excited to welcome our amazing new cohort of fellows to PWR.  They join us from a variety of disciplines and are teaching a range of PWR 1 courses this fall, from courses on food values, to beauty across culture, rhetoric and film, and American memory.