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Instructor Update: Where are they now?

[pictured above: top left to right: Maxe Crandall, Jakeya Caruthers, Briam Kim, Lauren Oakes, Angi Kortenhoven; bottom left to right: Mary Stroud, Susan Schuyler, Carolyn Ross, Julia Bleakney, Alyssa O'Brien]

Over the years, many of our lecturers and fellows have moved on from PWR, embracing new opportunities and taking on new roles beyond the Farm.  We reached out to some of our former colleagues who have left over the last three years to see what they're up to now.  Read below to learn more!

Fall 2019: PWR Comings and Goings

New instructors pictured above, from left to right: Holly Fulton-Babicke, Sangeeta Mediratta, Kevin Moore, Mutallip Anwar, Harriett Jernigan, Tara Diener. Not pictured: Storytelling lecturer Tiffany Naiman.

As we enter into Fall quarter, we're excited to welcome several new instructors to our community and to share exciting news about the new roles that some of our returning instructors are taking on this year in our program.  Read below for more details about who's coming, who's staying, and who's leaving us this year.

Instructor News: September 2019

[Above: Emily Polk receiving Stanford Earth's Excellence in Teaching award. Photo credit: Stacy Geiken]

Our instructors have spent their summer months engaged in a variety of activities -- everything from connecting with family, to traveling, teaching, researching, writing, and even just staying-put and recharging.  Read on to learn about what some of our instructors have been up to since you last saw them.

The Gift of a Great Workshop - Kathleen Tarr's "You Betta Werk! A Persona Workshop"

[Pictured above: model Dexter Mayfield on the runway]

From the editors: Before leaving us to join Dartmouth College, Clara Lewis wrote this powerful essay about her experience with one of Kathleen Tarr's workshops as her final contribution to the PWR Newsletter.  Clara was co-teaching Public Policy 306, "Communicating for Policy Change" at the time of the workshop.

By Clara Lewis

Sarah Pittock and PWR 91SP: Doctors' Stories

In Spring 2019, Sarah Pittock taught PWR 91SP: "Doctors' Stories: Communicating Health Sciences."  As part of PWR's elective Science Communication track, the course could count toward the Notation in Science Communication but was also open to any interested student.  Recently, the Newsletter team had the opportunity to interview Sarah about this fasincating class.

Mining Reading

Overview: This activity introduces the concept of mining reading, a way of reading for research that asks students to mine texts for ideas and extensions for a research project.

Authors: Tesla Schaeffer and Lisa Swan

Activity brief description: This activity introduces the concept of mining reading, a way of reading for research that asks students to mine texts for ideas and extensions for a research project.

2018-2019 PWR Research Award Updates

In spring 2018, 7 PWR instructors received Research Awards to support their intellectual project in the 2018-2019 academic year.  Below you can read about their work and the progress they have made -- and still plan to make -- on these projects.

Note: The recipients of the 2019-2020 PWR research awards will be announced in early June.

Instructor News: May 2019

Even with the crush of spring quarter, our instructors were busy beyond the classroom, presenting at conferences, publishing, working on creative and academic projects, and making a difference in the community. Read on below for a sampling of what they've been up to for the last couple months.

[pictured above: PWR on the road for this year's 4Cs conference]