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Spending the Summer with PWR

Each summer, some PWR instructors spend the first 8-10 weeks from June to mid-August teaching during Summer Session.  Over the past few months, several of our instructors -- Erik Ellis, Arturo Heredia, Shannon Hervey, John Peterson, and Cassie Wright -- rolled right from their spring grading back into the classroom to engage with an enthusiastic set of summer students.  Below are some of their reflections on that teaching experience.

Real World Writing: Real World Impact - Farmers, Scientists, and Activists

A recent PWR elective course helped students see the incredible impact that writing can have on community-based causes. PWR 91EC, "Farmers, Scientists, Activists: Public Discourse of Food Economies,"  taught by PWR lecturer Erica Cirillo-McCarthy in winter 2017, invited students to take their writing out of the classroom to help community organizations.

Reading the Stanford Campus

Overview: This activity invites students to close read a space on campus by identifying the space's audience and purpose and determining which parts of the space are private/public and welcoming/unwelcoming to visitors. This activity helps students understand the rhetoric of spaces and how people shape interactions within spaces.

Activity title: Reading the Stanford Campus

Authors: Meg Formato & Ashley Newby

Fellows Update: Where are they now?

Three years ago, we welcomed our first cohort of PWR fellows into the program. Since that time, almost all of them have moved on to other positions beyond Stanford.  Here's an overview of where some of the fellows are today.

After leaving PWR, Ethan Plaut joined the Masters Program in Stanford Computer Science Program.

Instructor News: Fall 2017 Comings and Goings

With the start of the new academic year, we're happy to welcome new colleagues to our community and wish others farewell as they embark on new adventures.

Who's Coming: Instructors

We're pleased to welcome a cohort of seven new instructors to PWR.

Our three new career-track lecturers are:

Helping Students Make the Most of Library Days

Overview: Students in PWR 1 and 2 spend a significant amount of time conducting research at the Stanford Library. Instructors can help their students make the most of their library excursions by helping to give students concrete goals and activities to complete at the library. These two activities offer students charts to complete and questions to answer as they start to gather sources for their research projects.  The activities are designed to be independent of the library workshop and can work well as a follow-up to build and reinforce search skills.

"Research Refresher:" Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Overview: Designed for PWR 2 students returning to research for the first time since PWR 1, this activity asks students to hunt for a diversity of sources and align them with the source types defined in Joseph Bizup's "BEAM" framework.

Activity title: "Research Refresher:" Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Author: Angela Becerra Vidergar